The Hip Hop Revolution will be live

Gears of a Black Planet

By Kap Fulton

“Why are some of you walking around looking all mean, like that’s going to change something?” –Dick Gregory, Civil Rights Activist


The new video entitled FILM THE POLICE (B. Dolan feat. Toki Wright, Jasiri X, prod. Buddy Peace, Hon. Sage Francis) from Strange Famous Records is a revolutionary call to draw together two warring factions within the United States. Back in 1988, N.W.A. told the world, “Fuck tha police” with Dr. Dre’s powerfully angry beat. This updated, remixed version has a new message: not fuck the police, but film the police. Quick draw on the iPhone, snap a pic or video of a violent cop, then go and upload it. Or, as the new citizen journalists have discovered: stream it live.

The overall message of bringing a camera to a gun fight will certainly spark debate in terms of a tactical approach to revolution. It also begs the question: what is violence? Mainstream rap (as opposed to the culture of Hip Hop), with all it’s hyper-masculine, mean-mugging lyrics and imagery is often not very receptive to any type of lyrical message that is not raw (and angry). FILM THE POLICE is angry. It’s raw. But it’s not calling for the death of the cops. The message is a sign of the times: shine a light on the roaches and they scatter. No one cares where they go. Just stop acting out this perverted aggression on the public that you are sworn to protect. Stop dressing like a bastardized version of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. And stop trying to use your fancy repressive gadgets to justify your over-inflated budget. This global paradigm shift cannot be stopped by a sound cannon, a water hose, pepper spray, or a bunch of Spaceballs rejects on horseback. You’d have better luck shooting the sun out of the sky with a BB gun than stopping this movement with your fancy toys. And when the Earth starts to rumble, shooting at the ground isn’t going to stop what’s coming. But until then: FILM THE POLICE.

Dick Gregory, in the speech quoted above, goes on to explain that the cops know how to deal with anger directed at them. They know how to deal with a fight. But what they can’t deal with is a smiling face. They don’t know what to do when people are kind to them. When those positive vibes of a peaceful protest are flowing, the cops are subdued. There is nothing they can do. They can stand there. They can direct the crowd into a bad situation. But they can’t win because they can’t control that energy. Unfortunately, they try. You can join us, or not. But if you try to stop this movement… we see you, and so will the rest of the world. We will not tolerate your abuse anymore.

As KRS-ONE teaches: “Violence is natural. Peace is Supernatural.” There’s something that comes over people when marching. Whether it’s the courage of angry Earthlings, or the voice of the oppressed mind, it cannot be harnessed. It cannot be calculated. And, most certainly, it cannot be tear-gassed, put in a chokehold, or infiltrated (but it’s cute that they try).

The “Film the Police” message acts as an olive-branch between oppressed people all over the world screaming “no more!” and those Americans still unsure about questioning authority while pleading “respect the cops, man.”

We’re not going to take it. But, at the same time, we’re not giving you the bloody battle that gets you off. Thanks to the Strange Famous Family for bringing this very timely message to the masses. The release of FILM THE POLICE coincides with KRS-ONE’s brilliant new cipher entitled Aztechnical (prd. Mad Lion):

These excellent edutainment videos complement each other and, no doubt, will be remembered within the inner city of Hip Hop Kulture.

[Kap Fulton writes about sports, bullies, and revolution. He can be reached at]
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I Risk Change

I Risk Change
[Dedicated to Iris Chang]

Tecumseh spirit
Mormon woman repressed
uniting the masses
blessed and unfit
migrants working in jest
Muslim women held back-
-yet still blessed

Human rights writer
husband spies, not a fighter
legalized gambler
pushing drugs with a sampler

cloning research
Crow on a perch
yelling the truth

*Blooming little Iris
Was it all a dream?
or did he Deceive-her?
*Ton of bad connections
wired up,
through an octopus
–of filth

They didn’t listen to the flower,
pulling the trigger was power
When the dam bursts,
all researchers cower

Death marching
Manila Wafers on
The Truth…
Who will be the author?
..that continues the Pursuit?

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Holtville Graveyard Cipher

Holtville Graveyard Cipher

Buried for the organ-
nicked from the grave
migrants die
in the desert like slaves
Holtville crematorium
dirt poured over them
Jane and Juan dough
body parts
they sellin ’em
Zapata’s in the wind
with Garvey, Stevie’s
not blind in the astral
planes rise like Erykah
Ruben cart her frame
through the walls
invisible hurricane
messages on bathroom stalls
war created science
Einstein, NSA, and cloned lions
Aztecs, Moors, mountain-ing
a comeback
hands up: fifth quarter!

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Foaming at the Mouth: Selling blood to children

Dear friends, family, and San Diego Padres:

I am fasting today, May 8 2011 (Mother’s Day), in protest of the San Diego Padres wearing camouflage jerseys in conjunction with their free promotional giveaway of FOAM FINGERS FOR CHILDREN (Presented by Bank of America).

Due to the fact that camouflage battle fatigues are used to blend into one’s environment in order to better effectively murder other beings – I will abstaining from consuming food today.

It is my intention that this small gesture will bring awareness to the marketing strategy of the San Diego Padres which I feel is intentional and misguided.

By limiting my intake to only water, I will detoxify my body and mind so that I may focus my thoughts on all the people around the world who are currently living under the occupation of the United States Military.

This action is not directed by any religious, moral, or political ideology. I am simply acting as a cultural surgeon in an attempt to remove the cancer of ignorance that exists within the marketing sector of every major business, university, and governmental institution in this country.

Thank you for reading my letter.

Kyle Sleeth

PS – If you wish to lend your support to this cause, please sign this petition.

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Osama been Cyphering

Osama been Cyphering

In a culture that prays
to a bleeding man on the wall
why wouldn’t you cheerlead the manhunt
of a person that you’ve never met?
I mean, you use sanitary wipes to protect you from germs you never see
You save blood in buildings for later use
You steal organs from dead bodies
Death culture runs deep.
You don’t understand yet…
but you will
one day.
You will.
War is about lies.
And you believe in the boogie-man.
But he’s dead “now”
so all that’s left is your shadow.
I understand: Muslims, immigrants, and rappers are scary too.
But, really, your shadow
might get you…

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