Foaming at the Mouth: Selling blood to children

Dear friends, family, and San Diego Padres:

I am fasting today, May 8 2011 (Mother’s Day), in protest of the San Diego Padres wearing camouflage jerseys in conjunction with their free promotional giveaway of FOAM FINGERS FOR CHILDREN (Presented by Bank of America).

Due to the fact that camouflage battle fatigues are used to blend into one’s environment in order to better effectively murder other beings – I will abstaining from consuming food today.

It is my intention that this small gesture will bring awareness to the marketing strategy of the San Diego Padres which I feel is intentional and misguided.

By limiting my intake to only water, I will detoxify my body and mind so that I may focus my thoughts on all the people around the world who are currently living under the occupation of the United States Military.

This action is not directed by any religious, moral, or political ideology. I am simply acting as a cultural surgeon in an attempt to remove the cancer of ignorance that exists within the marketing sector of every major business, university, and governmental institution in this country.

Thank you for reading my letter.

Kyle Sleeth

PS – If you wish to lend your support to this cause, please sign this petition.

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